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Tim O'Sullivan

Welcome to this edition of Communicate, BT’s newsletter for Parliamentarians, with a particular welcome to new MPs. This edition reports on broadband progress and the transition to a more independent Openreach. We also cover BT’s view on Brexit.

You can also read about our approach to dealing with modern slavery, what’s going on at our R&D HQ, Adastral Park, our work on tech literacy and mental health in the workplace. If there’s anything you want to know about BT or the sector you work in, please get in touch using my contact details below.

Tim O'Sullivan
Director, Public Affairs

Superfast broadband and mobile coverage update

Latest figures show that 93% of UK premises can now access superfast broadband, ensuring the UK remains an international leader in broadband coverage.

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BT's approach to mental health in the workplace

Through raising awareness of mental-health issues, we have demonstrated that if people have had a problem, it doesn't make them unemployable.

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Modern Slavery

BT is committed to the principles of ethical behaviour and respecting human rights.

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BT and tech literacy

We believe in the transformative power of communications but we're not about technology for technology's sake, it's what tech enables people to do that's most important.

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Adastral Park, BT's global research and development headquarters

Adastral Park is BT's global research and development headquarters, employing over 3,000 scientists and engineers.

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BT and Brexit

BT is keen to see a constructive and enduring relationship with the EU to and through Brexit.

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