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Regulatory compliance policy

It’s our policy to comply with the regulations in the regimes where we operate, whilst still encouraging innovation and competition.

Compliance in BT

BT's aim is to ensure that effective arrangements are in place to enable us to comply with our regulatory and competition law obligations.

Support, advice and guidance to enable BT to meet these obligations are provided by the Group compliance team. This team works closely with audit, legal and regulatory experts, both within the Group and in each line of business, to ensure that operational management has the support it requires.

The team’s independence from the lines of business enables them to provide an objective assessment and to report and escalate risks and actions as necessary.

There are a number of compliance forums in place to help deliver these activities on a consistent basis. There are also a number of formal reports provided on compliance performance and risk review findings.


Our key contact for Regulatory Compliance is Kevin Lendor, Head of BT Group Regulatory Compliance Operations who can be contacted at compliance@bt.com.