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Regulation outside the UK

The regulatory environment is far from homogeneous. Typically countries share some general principles of regulation, but at the level of individual countries, regulation as expressed in licensing, authorisation and remedy setting, is highly varied. BT must comply with the regulatory regimes in the countries in which we operate and this can have a material impact on our business. The regulatory team is focusing on regulatory and competition matters to facilitate BT's commercial operations in all world regions and working too drive markets toward a competitive environment including influencing the overall strategic regulatory framework and put across key messages to opinion formers. Constant, fair and transparent competition ensures that the marketplace continues to evolve and consumers can do benefit from it.

European Union

Communications regulation in each EU country is conducted within the regulatory framework determined by EU directives, regulations and recommendations. The manner and speed with which the existing directives have been implemented vary from country to country. National regulators are working together in the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications to introduce greater harmonisation in their approach to the assessment of SMP and the imposition of appropriate remedies.

The rest of the world

The vast majority of the communications markets in which we operate around the world are subject to regulation. The degree to which these markets are liberalised varies widely, and our ability to compete is constrained, to a greater or lesser degree, in many countries. We continue to press incumbent operators and their national regulatory authorities around the world (including in the EU) for cost-related non discriminatory wholesale access to their networks, where appropriate, and for advance notice of any changes to their network design or technology which would have an impact on our ability to serve our customers.