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We serve around 1.2 million customers who range from big household names, government departments and public service organisations right through to small businesses and new start-ups. We offer our customers fixed, mobile, networking and IT services provided over the biggest UK network in both fixed and mobile communications. We also provide network IT services to corporate and public sector organisations in the Republic of Ireland.

We are focused on serving small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in three main markets: fixed-voice and data; mobility; and IT services. We expect these markets to increasingly converge over the next few years as technology and customer needs change. And, as they do, we see an opportunity to grow our share of the mobility and IT services markets.

The solutions we provide continue to play a significant role in the ongoing digitisation of public services. We are focused on strengthening our regional presence so we can drive growth in our converged portfolio and significantly expand our share of mobility, IT and managed services.

How we are doing 

The expectation and demands from our customers continue to develop. Our products and services become increasingly more important to the success of their businesses and our strategy to continually improve service experience is now much more closely aligned to the progress we have made on our portfolio.

Over the last three years, we have refreshed our product portfolio and supporting systems enabling bundling, simple propositions and increased speed to market. Our acquisition of EE is helping us accelerate the sale of converged fixed-mobile services to our existing business customers as well as offering new services.

We recently re-signed a four-year deal with Royal Mail Group for wide-ranging network and ICT services, covering voice, data, and customer contact centres. We signed a new deal to provide mobile voice services to the recruitment company Michael Page. And our network contract with Surrey County Council was extended for a further two years.

Our revenue on a restated basis for 2015/16 was £4,294 million and our EBITDA was £1,414 million.

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