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Technology, Service and Operations


We’re BT’s internal service unit, and we’re responsible for delivering and operating BT’s networks, platforms and IT systems.

We work closely with each of BT’s customer-facing lines of business to create new products and make sure that existing services evolve to meet the needs of their customers.

And we’re always looking towards the future – we manage most of BT’s research and development, and are responsible for BT’s worldwide patent portfolio of more than 4,500 patents and applications.

We’re continuing BT’s long history of innovation. In 1926 we held the world’s first two-way, trans-Atlantic conversation by radio telephone from our wireless station near Rugby. And in 1943, Tommy Flowers, working in the telecommunications division of the General Post Office (as we were at the time), developed the world’s first programmable electronic computer, Colossus.

In 1968, we installed the world’s first digital telephone exchange. We laid the world’s first, purpose-designed optical fibre submarine cable in Loch Fyne, Scotland in 1980.

We’re building on this great legacy to keep developing and delivering the technology that will allow BT’s customers to thrive in a fast-changing world.

How we’re doing

This year we’ve completed the rollout of our new Ethernet switches. They’re now installed in 585 exchanges so even more businesses can access BT Ethernet services.

We’re also embracing new technologies such as programmable networks. These deliver services faster and provide real-time visibility and control of a customer’s network. With the launch of Dynamic Network Services we’re offering these capabilities to BT Global Services’ customers.

We’ve also completed the first voice calls on our single fixed and mobile infrastructure which enables us to offer new converged services such as high-definition voice calling.

And we’re also responsible for managing the group’s energy consumption and for putting strategies in place to cut the group’s carbon footprint. This year we turned off some of the equipment in our PSTN network that we no longer needed, saving more than £1m in energy costs.

Technology, Service & Operations business structure

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Howard Watson
Alison Hilton
Chris Cochrane
CIO, Global Services
Colin Lees
CIO, Business and Public Sector
Fotis Karonis
MD Mobile and Voice Converged Services
Greg McCall
MD Broadband and TV converged services
John Beswick
Johnny McQuoid
MD customer experience, strategy and transformation
Karl Penaluna
MD Dynamic Infrastructure
Mark Lam
Chief Technology and Information Officer
Mike Galvin
Neil McRae
Chief Architect
Rachel Higham
Russell Strevens
CIO, Consumer
Tim Shaw
CTIO, Wholesale & Ventures
Tim Whitley
Research & Innovation