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Through our volunteering programme, our people help charities thrive and grow.

As well as helping charities and the communities they support, we know volunteering is good for our people and strengthens our business. BT Charity and Community Director, Suzy Christopher says: “Volunteers get tremendous personal satisfaction and, in many cases, are able to build their own skills in terms of communication, teamwork, and recognising the realities of the world. And for BT that means better-rounded people.”

We give at least 1% of BT Group pre-tax profits to charities and community organisations, through a mix of donations and support. By volunteering, our people make an important contribution to this total.

People at BT can use up to three days each year for community or charitable work and our ambition is to inspire two thirds of our workforce to volunteer by 2020. This adds up to tens of thousands of days every year, worth millions of pounds. And they volunteer for a wide range of activities. We match people with opportunities to make sure everyone gets the most from the experience. Some take up roles in their community such as school governors, magistrates and special constables. Others work with young people, educational organisations or support our charity partners.

Every year our Chairman celebrates the amazing volunteering and fundraising efforts of our people at the Chairman’s Awards. This year our overall Chairman’s Awards winner was Jules Muller. Jules helped decommission a BT diesel generator to benefit a community in the mountains of Haiti.

Take a look at Jules story below.

Find out how much BT and our people contributed to communities last year in the Delivering our purpose report.