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Our 3:1 methodology


Our 2020 ambition is to have helped our customers’ cut their carbon emissions by at least three times our own end-to-end carbon impact.

Working with the Carbon Trust, so far we’ve found 27 ways we can measure the drop in our customers’ carbon emissions, from audio conferencing to copper cable recycling. The full list is at the bottom of the page.

Take a look in the Delivering our purpose report to see the progress we made last year.

We’re sharing our methodology with you so you can be confident about our data. We’d also like you to suggest how to improve it or adapt it for your own organisation.

Working on our methodology

We’ve calculated our end-to-end carbon footprint by measuring the emissions we make from energy and fuel when we’re making products, as well as emissions created by our suppliers and customers. Here’s how we did it:

Then we worked out which of our products and services can help cut our customers’ carbon emissions, and by how much.

We’re still working with the Carbon Trust to keep up to date with what we’re doing, and they’ve approved our method for a second year.

Their report describes how we work out how much carbon our customers avoid using, just by having our products and services. Feel free to look at it to check our approach, improve on it and use it for your own organisation.

We are currently reviewing our stabilisation intensity (CSI) 2020 target and methodology in line with current best practice. Take a look at our existing CSI methodology.  

Twenty seven ways that we reduce carbon emissions

Field Force Automation
Audio conferencing
Video conferencing - Telepresence
Inbound Calling
Broadband enabled Telecommuting
Broadband enabled e-commerce
Broadband enabled dematerialisation
Super-fast broadband enabled dematerialisation
Broadband enabled SME use of Cloud Computing
BT Vision
Managed Mobility
Data centre services
Cloud Contact
One Cloud
Flexible working services
Copper cable recycling
BT Connect Payments online transactions
BT SafePay online transactions
TRIAD (use of BT generators to augment the UK national grid electricity supply during periods of peak demand)
BT Fleet Engine Remapping
IP Communications
BT Mobility
BT Apps
Maps / Traffic apps
Cloud Connect
BT Renewable Energy for Employees