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Better Future Supplier Forum

Better Future Supplier Forum

The more sustainable a business makes its supply lines, the lower their emissions and the less they spend on energy, other resources and getting rid of waste.

That’s why we’ve set up the Better Future Supplier Forum – a way to share best practice with our suppliers so that we can all do our part for the environment. We train and encourage businesses through this forum to make sustainability a part of everything they do. We then assess them and give them a rating from bronze to gold.

Underlying the whole thing is our standard – the Generic Standard 19 (GS19) – which we created with environmental management specialist EPI. This standard is the key to making your business more sustainable and the best ways to do so.

What do members get from joining?

  • More efficient and sustainable supply lines.
  • Better brand recognition, as customers can easily see your commitment to sustainability from our three-tier assessment and the new products and services you’ll create.
  • Training, consulting and support to make businesses more sustainable.

Get involved - find out more  

About the forum
Discover the history of the forum, what it is and why we created it.

How it works
Get involved. We have a five-stage process to get you from selection to a rating.

Case studies
See how we and our suppliers have used these standards to improve our sustainability.

Our approach: Designing our Tomorrow
Watch our video to get to grips with our philosophy – the Designing Our Tomorrow initiative – which we created with help from the University of Cambridge.

“The concept of the circular economy tallies completely with our thinking at BT about the importance of providing goods and services sustainably.

As a company, we feel intimately involved with these ideas, because digital technology will play a crucial role in providing the information needed to create iterative logistics and restorative systems.” – Gavin Patterson, BT Chief Executive Officer