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About the forum

About the forum

We’ve done a lot to help society, the economy and the environment. But there’s always more to do.

Since the early nineties, we’ve made social and environmental responsibility central to our business. And in 2012, we created the Better Future Supplier Forum. The dream was to join forces with key suppliers, and help ourselves and others design products and services that take sustainability into account – right from the start.

The standard that underlies the forum

Generic Standard 19 (GS19) is what we call product stewardship. We developed it with the environmental management specialists EPI, who benchmarked companies across the world to help us come up with it.

GS19 sets out the best ways to do business sustainably and the techniques to make sure the products we buy, sell and use have the lowest impact on the environment. That’s at every stage of their life, whether it’s design, manufacture, delivery or disposal. It includes a blacklist of banned materials, and a grey list of worrying materials (that suppliers must admit to using).

It works

In 2014, the Better Future Supplier Forum won the Guardian Sustainable Business supply chain award for supply chain innovation and initiatives that have a respect for human, economic and environmental rights across a business or product’s supply chain.