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Internet for everyone

Internet for everyone

Everyone should be able to benefit from using the phone and internet. So we help people overcome the barriers they might face when using the technology and getting online – whether that’s a disability or the cost of internet access.

We help low-income people

If you don’t earn enough to afford the internet, we offer subsidies. If you qualify, you can get line rental for just £5.10 a month, with BT Basic. And if you get internet with us too, it’s only £4.85 more. That’s £9.95 in total.

You can read more about BT Basic and Broadband on our site.

We help housing associations

Housing associations can give cost-effective internet and devices to their tenants with a shared internet service. Multiple tenants can share a connection, saving on the monthly cost. And they can also get an affordable laptop or tablet, training and tech support.

Take a look at this video to see how we are helping Wales and West Housing to be better connected.

We help libraries and community centres

We’ve teamed up with Barclays to give free wi-fi and hands-on support to libraries and community centres.

And BT Digital Friends and Barclays Digital Eagles, both specially trained to give tech advice to anyone, will work at these places. So communities can develop the skills they need to succeed in the digital world.

Connecting the final 5% without fibre

We're committed to working with communities in the final 5% to find a fibre solution, and our community fibre partnership scheme is designed to enable this.

A Community Fibre Partnership is where we work with a local group – this could be the residents of a rural village or a block of flats in a city centre or even a group of business owners in an industrial park – that isn't covered in an existing fibre upgrade plan to find a solution to bring fibre to their area.

You can find out more information on the Community Fibre Partnerships website

We help people with disabilities and impairments

Everyone has the right to get on the internet. Hearing, sight, speech, mobility or dexterity impairments shouldn’t get in the way.

So Including You helps these people get online. You can alter font sizes and background colours to suit your needs. It works with Browsealoud, which reads web pages out and highlights each word as it’s talking. And many pages have information in British Sign Language.

You can find out more on the Including You website.