Connecting communities

Connecting Africa

Connecting Africa 

We’re working with SOS Children’s Villages, an international charity that helps orphaned and abandoned children. Together, we’re getting 30 African communities online. You can see the difference it makes in our video below or take a look at our case study.

Using satellite technology

Satellites are connecting children to the internet, helping their education. They can go on courses or get mentored online through SOS Children’s Villages. We’ve promised to run these satellites for three years.

The whole network is built using equipment we’re either not using enough, or would have otherwise thrown away. And our engineers teach the charity’s IT teams to run it all, so the project will keep going long term.

Benefiting communities

SOS Children’s Villages also uses the connection to manage and run the communities – which includes schools, medical centres and community programmes. So we directly help 145,000 people, and indirectly another 600,000.

This year we helped SOS Children’s Villages add a healthcare management system for seven of the villages. The charity’s medical centres now run more efficiently, benefiting around 100,000 people in the surrounding communities.

Find out more in our infographic

Vive Digital

We're helping remote Colombian communities access essential online services. We’re connecting 591 new Vive Digital kiosks (Kioscos Vive Digital) across the country.

Vive Digital kiosks

These kiosks will be located in rural parts of Colombia and will allow people living in these remote areas to connect to the internet, access e-learning and e-training services as well as a range of online public services.

Who we’re working with

We’re partnering with Colombian company INRED to deliver this initiative and provide the learning and training applications, as well as the ICT education and skills required to make this beneficial to the community, and we will supply the satellite connectivity and related technology services.