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Careers in Wi-fi & Devices

If you're looking for the excitement of getting involved in everything, from designing and developing products to marketing and selling them direct to our customers, you've found the right place. At the same time, we're proud to support and contribute to Consumer's wider business goals.

There are about 100 of us in all. Our management team works across both wi-fi and devices, and we have people in propositions, product management, quality, sales and marketing for each area.

BT Wi-fi – we're the only UK telco that gives our broadband customers free, unlimited wi-fi at more than 5m hotspots in the UK – and 9m abroad. We also sell and manage wi-fi installations for dozens of multi-outlet companies – like Starbucks and Hilton Hotels – so their customers can enjoy free wi-fi whenever they're on site.

Devices – we help deliver the set-top boxes and home hubs that allow customers to use our TV and broadband services. And we sell a range of home and mobile phones, connectivity devices to boost broadband signals around the home, and award-winning baby monitors and home cams. We're also expanding into smart products for connected customers, so you'll get the chance to come up with brand new product ideas, work with manufacturers to develop them, trial them, and see them whizzing off high street shelves.

Want to find out more about working in our Wi-fi and Devices team? Watch the video below:

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