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Careers in Digital

A huge chunk of our sales comes through our website, bt.com. And it's up to our Digital team to drive more people online (through digital marketing and social media), make it easy for them to take up our latest offers and bundles, and make sure our marketing plans translate into a smooth online experience.

You'll be helping more customers get themselves online, whenever it suits them. And you'd be giving them excellent content to draw them in: bt.com is our portal (as well as our online shop-front) so it's got to be appealing, useful and interesting.

We keep it that way with the most important news stories, entertaining videos, and useful life hacks to help with things like personal finance, and all their tech and gadgets.

So you'll need to be able to translate commercial and customer needs into online capabilities to deliver on our plans, and some technical knowledge to help us stay across all the latest developments, keep the site running efficiently, and talk code with our technical teams. But we also need people who understand how our customers think and behave; people with the imagination to create virals and 'sticky' content to turn browsers into buyers; and people who can see the story behind the data.

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