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Careers in BT Mobile

We’ve recently announced our exciting plans. As the worlds of fixed and mobile services move closer together, we’re better placed than anyone to get ahead of the game.

We’re building on our credentials in voice and broadband, our own 4G spectrum, and more than five million nationwide wi-fi hotspots to give UK customers something they haven’t seen before.

Come and help us define the future of mobile.

Read about Sen Mansourpour, General Manager, BT Mobile Propositions:


My team creates great mobile plans and we make sure everything we do is driven by customer insight. We listen carefully to what our customers tell us and we act on what we hear.

I’ve had the chance to tackle really big challenges which is something that drives me. I’m really proud to have played my part in building BT Mobile on what customers actually want rather than just copying what’s already in the marketplace.

As a new mobile network we’ve had the chance to start with a blank canvas. That’s not something that comes along very often. And as someone who’s worked in the mobile industry for a long time that was a big pull for me to join BT.

Getting close to our customers means spending a lot of time with our sales people, both online and in the call centres and investing in customer research. This allows us to understand what works and what doesn’t, and we can create new ideas to do more for our customers.

One of the great things about BT is scale. And the fact that it doesn’t rest on its laurels. We’re ambitious and driven. And a company looking for ideas and innovation with the resources to back brilliant ideas – like fibre, sports rights and 4G.

I’ve also been able to give something back. Volunteering is positively encouraged and I’ve been part of a team event working for a kid’s charity and also done some mentoring with teenagers in a local school.