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Purposeful business

We're using the power of communications to make a better world. That's our purpose.

We have big ambitions to make this world better.

By investing in our people, networks and products we're becoming a more purposeful business.

But we want to do more.

Caring about our customers' experience, bringing the benefits of a connected society to everyone, supporting our communities and protecting the environment.

We're committed to doing business ethically and responsibly – in a way that respects our customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.

If you want to get a feel of how working here can make a real difference to the world around us, watch this film.

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Everyone at BT can play their part to help - whether it's by getting people online, working for the environment, supporting good causes or volunteering in the community.

By joining us you can:

  • Work on providing products and services that make a real difference to society
  • Share your ideas which can make the world a better place
  • Get up to three days volunteering a year during working hours
  • Become an energy & environment champion – we have over 10,000 across the globe
  • Help 10 million socially disadvantaged people access better healthcare, learning or employment opportunities

Want to know more? Visit our site for the detail.

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