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Training and development

Our graduate programme is all about your development both; personal and professional. And you are in the driving seat.

It all starts on day one, with your induction. You'll begin to understand who we are, what we're trying to achieve as a business, how our technology and innovation really sets us apart – and, importantly, where you fit in. You'll also meet your fellow graduates, and build an instant network that reaches across the business.

Most of your learning will take place 'on the job' by growing and developing in the role you are being hired into. We'll provide you with real roles and responsibilities from day one. This means you can begin to drive your professional career and make your mark right away. You'll be working alongside brilliant managers and colleagues and will have exposure to BT's senior leaders who are industry experts with lots of experience to share.

We know that BT Graduates have an appetite for continuous learning, and that this is vital in helping you achieve successful careers, whether that means being a future leader or an expert in technology.

Whatever your role, you'll experience world class formal training and wider development opportunities throughout the duration of your programme designed to help you hone a range of skills and strengths which will accelerate your pace of development. These include training on how to be a commercial thinker, working collaboratively as part of a team, how to be an effective problem solver and also how to be a true customer champion. What you do with all the great skills you'll acquire and the direction your career takes is up to you.

We want our Graduates to build purposeful, meaningful careers at BT so we know it's important for you to develop as professionals in your respective fields. Whatever role you go into, you can expect additional development to enhance your existing skills and help you on your way to being a subject matter expert. You'll have a career pathway that sets out the experiences you'll need to progress your career.

And that's where the Academy comes in.

The Academy is BT's approach to learning, and we're incredibly proud of it. We're one of few global employers who've invested in such a platform for everyone at all levels, so that our people can keep - and enjoy - learning and developing.

The Academy is not just about providing a huge range of learning resources, training courses and events. It's also about social learning. It's a community for employees to share knowledge, information and best practice with each other.

Everyone in BT is aligned to a profession, and we ensure they can always see the skills, knowledge and learning required to excel in their current role, and reach the next level. You'll be part of your professional community from the moment you join, and connected to specialists who are keen to share their knowledge.

For graduates, the Academy is incredibly empowering and opens the door to endless career possibilities. It's up to you how you choose to make the most of this cutting-edge online platform.

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Graduate communities and support networks

When you join our Graduate programme, you will be joining a community that has more than 600 active members at any given time and more than a thousand 'alumni'.

Gradnet is a community run by graduates, for graduates and it provides a wealth of opportunities for our Grads to get involved in wider networking with their colleagues all over the world through learning events, social societies, sports clubs, knowledge share events and give-back activity.

The annual Grad Challenge, where our graduates undertake a sponsored physical challenge in support of one of our charity partners is legendary.

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