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Research & Innovation

If you want to work at the very heart of BT then our Research and Innovation programme is where you want to be. Innovation is in our DNA and our teams are always working to explore how we can meet the needs of our global customers now and in the future.

We’re linked up with some of the best and brightest minds of Silicon Valley, MIT and Cambridge - to name just a few - working on innovations in novel networking technologies (especially optics, quantum and future wireless technologies), IoT and Big Data, novel computing architectures, future TV and media, security and cybersecurity and applications of artificial intelligence including scheduling, planning and machine learning.

Throughout your time with us you’ll work on a variety of projects, always developing your skills and experience and taking on more and more responsibility. You’ll become a subject matter expert and you’ll be sharing your knowledge with internal teams and, in some cases, some of our global research partners and organisations.

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