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“Inevitably full-on and hectic, but ultimately stacks of fun!”Joel
Sales Scheme

Your first day at BT: I was both extremely happy and hugely proud to be joining BT Global Services; though of course I was equally full of nervous trepidation - on the first day of any new job - this is to be expected right!

Your first year at BT: Inevitably full-on and hectic but ultimately stacks of FUN! During my first day, I forged a great many friendships that have really made a difference to my time here at BT. I would implore all and everyone to take the effort to get to know as many people as possible- anecdotally, I was named the ‘networking king’ during our induction week but all jokes aside, get out there and dare to do something different

How I got here: With already a year under my belt, actually quite nostalgic. Commercially, I’ve developed beyond all my expectations- as you’d expect, the bench-mark is set high at BT, and for good reason too. You have to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and by pushing yourself to exceed, you’ll undoubtedly improve. When all is said and done: fortune favours the bold. Moreover, I have used my time wisely to foster as many new stakeholder relationships as possible; in a monolithic company the size of BT, networking and your own personal ‘brand’ are especially important. Impressions count and you never know who you may end up working alongside, or even for.

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