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“Both my rotations in my first year stretched me in completely different ways.”Jamie
Marketing Scheme

Your first day at BT: Ready to go. It’s quite a long time between you getting the scheme and the actual start date, so any nerves I had initially were long gone. The first day, and probably the first couple of weeks, were just learning the product, the role and the way the team works. Once you’ve got that down, you’re flying before you know it!

Your first year at BT: The breadth. I came into the role with a bit of experience and initially completely overestimated my marketing ability. Both my rotations in my first year stretched me in completely different ways. Now I’m in my third rotation, I’m still learning huge amounts in a whole new area and I can see myself finishing the scheme with a rounded knowledge of the industry.

How I got here: I was initially drawn to BT by the prospect of starting in a BT TV and BT Sport role. Like a lot of people, my dream has always been to work in above the line marketing in football. After finishing my first rotation across these two teams, my boss at the time recommended I join the Analytics team for a second rotation – a data-based role that was completely out of my comfort zone. After some early doubts about this, I joined Analytics. It was a whole new environment, process and way of thinking. The first few weeks were tough, but having now finished the rotation I genuinely believe it will be fundamental to my future career. It has completely shifted my perspective and made me a significantly better marketer.

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