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“I learnt at least one new thing every day.”Golam
Research & Innovation Scheme

Your first day at BT: My first day at BT was an induction day at Adastral Park, Ipswich. I started the day with over 300 other Grads and was really excited and over the moon. I was feeling the same enthusiasm, passion and motivation just like other grad colleagues. The day was packed with various presentations on BT, its history and achievements, its values and different business wings. At the end of the day I realized that how lucky and proud I am being a part of BT.

Your first year at BT: I started my work in BT as a Graduate Software Engineer in Glasgow. My team was involved with developing our BT Sport App in both Android and iOS platforms. I didn’t have enough Software Engineering industry experience before I started work in BT. The first two month were mainly packed with different training programs, and getting used to with the new team, work environment and BT culture. There was a steep learning curve for app development and I loved it very much. I learnt at least one new thing every day on Software Engineering practices, latest technology and the architecture, and writing good codes during my involvement in Glasgow app team.

How I got here: I obtained a PhD degree in Engineering before I joined BT, and at the end of my first year I realized that it would be better to further progress my career in Research and Innovation in BT. I moved to Mobile Core Networks Research Team based at Adastral Park, Ipswich. I was so amazed with the cutting edge research on 5G mobile technology of my team that I suddenly realized that this is the place where I can contribute my best to make a difference for the customers of BT. I really enjoy my job here - the friendly work environment, new technical challenges, and visionary leadership of the senior managers in R&I – these all made a perfect and inspiring place for me to work here.

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