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Online situational strengths test

Our situational judgement test has been created specifically for us at BT. It’s an online test that gives you some real life BT scenarios and asks what you’re most likely to do. This lets us understand what your natural strengths are – what you’re naturally good at doing, and what you enjoy doing.

It’s not about your previous experience or what you think the BT process may be. Just look at the scenario, look at the potential solutions, and go with what you would naturally want to do.

We’d recommend taking a look at some example tests so you know what you’ll be facing. We have BT specific questions so you get a flavour of what it’s really like here, but the example questions you’ll find online will give you a good idea of what to expect. The more comfortable you are, the more at ease you’ll be when you complete the actual test and everyone’s at their best when they’re feeling confident and comfortable!

When you’re completing the test, the best bet is to go with your gut instinct and make a selection that feels like it’s really reflective of you. Seriously. People who over-analyse and second guess their answers usually get low scores across all strengths because they give conflicting responses.

After completing the on-line test, you will receive a personal strengths report within 48 hours whether you are successful or not.

We will then complete a final check that you meet the entry criteria for the programme, and check that there are still vacancies in your chosen programme and location, and if everything is ok, we’ll invite you to be part of the next step – the Video or Skype interview.

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