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We underpin BTs many Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) needs and our customers rely on us to deliver. We have a fast growing external customer base alongside BT Group businesses and our people understand the critical nature of what we do.

Our team deliver services that support engineering field forces, including stock management, fulfilment, test and refurbishment, staging and configuration, spares management for networks, safety testing equipment, and logistics. We make sure there's a smooth end to end supply chain journey in everything we do, from sourcing and delivering the right screwdriver for our engineer to delivering a spare which could ensure our UK emergency services don't go down.

It's challenging, demand driven and attracts exceptional people who thrive in working in a rapidly changing environment. It's rewarding too, everyone who works in BT Supply Chain play an important role ensuring BT runs smoothly and our end customers receive a brilliant service.

We offer supply chain apprenticeships in four specialties – distribution, warehousing, stock management and Staging and Configuration:


Using our infrastructure, distribution network and third party suppliers, we can offer anything from same day deliveries nationally to next day deliveries worldwide. Operating from 13 strategic sites throughout the UK and RoI. We use a mixed fleet of vehicles from small panel vans through to 44 tonne articulated lorries and specialist vehicles fitted with heavy lifting equipment, enabling us to distribute anything from small cartons through to cable drums and underground equipment via our infrastructure. Joining our distribution team will mean you are fully trained to provide the best service possible to our customers, and obtaining your HGV license.


Our warehouse's are our main distribution hub for all consumer product equipment such as broadband hubs, modems, telephones and mobile handsets as well as all supplying engineering materials to BT's engineering field force. In this role you will work to ensure our engineers and customers equipment is distributed effectively, you will get the opportunity to see all areas of the warehouse, giving you a broad knowledge of the environment.

Stock management

Inventory is one of business's major assets and represents an investment that is tied up until the item is sold or used in production or provision of a service that is sold. In this role you will have the opportunity to monitor and maintain stock levels to ensure we always have the optimum quantity of items the engineers need to carry out their jobs as well as seeing all other areas of stock management in BT.

Joining this team, you will be involved in optimising this inventory holding using sophisticated modelling techniques, supporting new stock management policies and working closely with operational teams to ensure stock is in the right place at the right time across the supply chain.

Staging and configuration

Our staging and configuration team are trained to work on all types of equipment, e.g. Cisco, Nortel, desktop and servers all to ISO9001 standard. If you join this team you will prepare and configure equipment prior to installation at any site in the world, working on anything from small routers requiring simple configuration through to larger routers with complex staging requirements, configuration, cabling and soak test procedures.

We are not currently open for applications to this programme.

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