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Alexandra Kershaw

Customer service apprentice

About you
I joined BT as an apprentice in September 2015 working in BT Consumer’s Liverpool contact centre. At 21, I’m one of the older apprentices because I did a university degree when I left school and only applied to join BT when I’d finished my dissertation.

Why did you chose an apprenticeship?
I chose the apprenticeship route into work because I wanted to carry on learning rather than jumping straight into a job. This way I can earn while I learn and I have a job that I’m qualified for at the end of the apprenticeship. I chose BT because I wanted to work for a big company that I can build a career in.

What are your key responsibilities?
My job is to be the first point of contact for customers who have an issue with their phone line or their BT mobile. I am dual skilled on PSTN (public switched telephone network) and mobile faults. I also handle billing enquiries. I answer customers’ calls and take ownership of their issue, making sure their call is handled quickly and thoroughly. My objective is to be able to resolve their issue myself and for every customer I help to go away feeling they have had a positive experience.

How did you learn what you need to know to do your job?
I had four weeks of intensive training and one week on an apprenticeship induction course. I have a mentor who I regularly spend study days with and in June I’ll work through a two week college course. My apprenticeship will last 18 months and I’ll then have an NVQ and a job that I’m fully trained for.

Have you had any particular highlights so far?
Knowing I’ve helped a customer and they’ve gone away happy is what motivates me. Very recently I’d been helping a customer through a case that took a few days. When everything was sorted the customer was so pleased that he wanted to send me a bouquet of flowers. That sort of thing makes you feel really good about yourself.

What do you like most about your job?
Talking to customers. I really enjoy the interaction and knowing that I am the voice of BT to that person.

Do you see yourself staying in BT?
Yes I do. My aim from the start was to join a big company that I could grow in. I would like to progress into management and I’m particularly interested in training other people.

Would you recommend a BT apprenticeship to other people?
Definitely, yes. It gives you so many opportunities to build a fulfilling career.

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